Following the advice issued by the government on the 16th March, and to continue to protect our community, we are adding to our policies surrounding the current Covid -19 epidemic.

We understand how important the role of exercise will be over the coming months both physically and mentally and how important our classes are to many of our gymnasts and will continue to change as this situation changes which at the moment is daily. We are planning in the background to ensure we can provide as much as is possible now and in the event, we have to close. We appreciate the huge support we have had from our members over the last week.

For today our classes will be running as normal

From Wednesday 18th March we will be stopping our drop-in sessions and contacting our Party bookings from now until after the Easter holidays to arrange a different date.

We will also be closing our reception area and cancelling our parent watch week that was due before the Easter holidays. We ask parents to drop off children as quickly as possible and, if waiting for a class to finish, please wait in the corridor. We will ensure your child has seen you before letting them out.

We would also like to restrict the people doing drop-offs or attending sessions as per the government advice asking the elderly, pregnant, or at-risk people not to come to the gym at all. For preschool classes where parents stay, we ask you to wash your hands also before and after each class

We ask if you are poorly with a cough or temperature that you and your household self-isolate and as per the government advice and do not attend classes

We will continue to ensure all children wash their hands before and after sessions and sanitise equipment in between each class

If we notice anyone looking unwell or coughing, we will kindly ask you to leave, please understand this is for the safety of all of our members and to ensure we are correctly following all of the advice issued to us.

We as a small business, offering sessions as reasonably as we can to ensure everyone can have access to this wonderful sport, need your continued support at this time.

For more information please go to the Government Website