Covid Safe - How are we making our classes safe?


Social Distancing

It is much easier for us to keep our gymnasts 2m apart from each other because of the hours they attend, the size of the gym, and the nature of our sport. It is never good for gymnasts to get too close to each other as they could be accidentally kicked by another gymnast! We will continue to use physical markers such as equipment and spots to make sure we can keep gymnasts 2m apart and ensure they know where to be throughout our classes.


Our large equipment has been moved around in the gym to ensure that it is all 2m apart and we will limit the sharing of equipment. We have added sets of bars to the gym and beams to allow each gymnast too work on their own equipment without the need for as much sharing during the lessons.

We have also split the gym into 4 sections similar to an open plan classroom design in some of the newer schools and gymnasts will remain in their area for the session. The areas are: Recreation Area, Tracks and Vault, Grey floor and Beam, and Red floor, Bars and Trampoline.

Hand Hygiene

All gymnasts will be asked to wash their hands as they come into the gym. Throughout the session, we will regularly ask gymnasts to sanitise their hands using either their own sanitiser if they can bring one with them or ours - we have lots at the gym!

Gymnasts will need to bring their own water bottle as they do now and it is a good idea for gymnasts to bring a small bottle of hand sanitiser with them as well to use during the session, especially for those with sensitive skin who may need a specialist product. More advanced gymnasts will need their own equipment such as chalk with bag, water spray, elastics but your child's coach can clarify exactly what it is they will need.


We have increased our regular cleaning protocols which now include:

  • Disinfecting of our equipment, and touch points between each class.
  • Deeper cleans each day including disinfectant fogging.
  • Regular carpet washing.
  • Regular steam cleaning.

Stay Alert

At drop off we will ask you (or your gymnast if they are older and arrive alone) to check for the symptoms of Covid-19 and ensure no one comes to the gym if they unknowingly have symptoms. We will not do temperature checks, however would ask that you routinely check your child's temperature before coming to the gym.

Class Procedures

Drop off

We now have a one way system coming into the building from one door and out of another, so that no one has to cross on the stairs or corridors and can remain 2m apart. We are also using different doors for different groups to help with this. Please check your emails carefully so that you know which entrance and exit each of your children will be using.

Face Coverings

We would like to ask all gymnasts aged 11 or over, and all parents coming into the gym, to wear a face covering if they are able, when arriving and exiting the gym. They will not need to wear the face covering once in the upstairs gym.
Our coaches will also be wearing face coverings in the reception and corridor areas.
We will not stop anyone coming into the gym who does not have a face covering on as we are aware that there are circumstances where this is not possible and do not want to put anyone under undue pressure or stress.
Class sizes

At first our class sizes will be much smaller than normal to allow socially distancing within sessions and adequate ventilation.


Our class times have had to change slightly with our hour classes reducing to 50 minutes (for our hour recreation classes) to allow us to implement cleaning procures in between classes and allow for gymnasts to come in and out of the building. We ask you to arrive on time not early or late to assist us with this.


Initially we will keep our reception staff at home. We ask, if at all possible, that you make payments online to help us with this.


Within the gym we have 5 toilets. Each area will have its own toilet which will be cleaned regularly. We have also added additional "hand washing" and "please shut the toilet lid" signs to help encourage high levels of hygiene. We are not able to supervise toilets so please remind your children about the importance of putting the toilet seat down before flushing and washing their hands thoroughly. We will monitor the toilets so that there are not too many gymnasts in the toilets at any one time.

Physically supporting

Having had such a long break, it will take a little time to get back the basics and therefore we won’t need to support as much. Of course when we need to support, we will do and will ensure this is done following the current government guidelines and safety procedures to ensure both our staff and the gymnasts are safe. This may be using additional mats instead of physical support or training aids and blocks to set up drills without having to physically touch our gymnasts.


As you will be aware, the gym is a large area with lots of windows and doors as well as large fresh air fans in the roof. We have a CO2 Monitor at the gym and will use this to ensure we keep appropriate levels of ventilation throughout the sessions.