Pre-School and Family Drop in Procedures (COVID)

  • We ask for only 1 adult to attend per paid child place, this is due to the COVID restrictions we have to follow.
  • We ask that you wear a face mask if possible when in corridors and within the gym itself for the Free Play sessions. Children over 11 who are taking part can remove the facemask once in the gym.
  • Please wash your hands on the way into the gym - the entrance we are using is entrance 1 here is a video to show you the entrance -
  • Please remove all outdoor footwear before, or on entering the gym. These can be left upstairs around the edge of the gym.
  • During the sessions, we are working with the 2m rule to make sure children not only adhere to government guidance but also are safe when doing gymnastics.
  • We are running booking only sessions and we ask you to book just one class per day, our classes will be no more than 15 Children each brining only 1 adult with them.
  • We will not be using the grey floor and beam area during the drop-in sessions to assist with the cleaning which will be done in between each session.
  • Please do not bring food or drink into the gym. Water bottles can be kept on the shelving unit by the entrance door but must not be carried around the gym.
  • Please ensure that you are supervising your child/children at all times, for their safety and for that of others using the gym and to help them with social distancing
  • One at a time on the trampoline! Our trampoline is extremely bouncy and double bouncing, however little the people, can cause serious injury.
  • If you would like anything out to play with like teddies, balls, etc. please just ask one of the coaches to help you
  • Please leave the gym promptly at the end of the session so that we can prepare and clean for the next class.
  • Please remember that the equipment is for the children to play on, not the adults (there are weight restrictions on the equipment).
  • If you have any problems or any questions during the session, please ask our friendly coaches for assistance.

When you leave the gym you can leave either via the external fire exit or Exit 2 whichever is your preference. See below the picture of both.

Please respect the gym rules and most of all, be safe and enjoy yourself!

Thank you!