Member's Code of Conduct

Gymnasts are expected to:

• arrive on time

• dress suitably for their class

• follow the instructions of the coach at all times

• only use equipment when instructed to do so by a coach.

The dress code is:

• leotard for girls

• leotard and shorts for boys

• girls may wear fitted shorts

• boys and girls may wear a close fitting T- shirt if they wish

• all long hair should be tied back and off the face

• no jewellery is to be worn in the gym

Members will lose their place if they fail to:

• attend training sessions on a regular basis without good reason and notification

• arrive on time

• conform with the dress code

• pay fees by the specified date (by direct debit or in advance of each month if not using this service)

• maintain a good standard of behaviour at all times

• follow the instructions of the coach at all times

The centre has a responsibility for the safety of its staff and clients and will not tolerate any aggression towards staff. All disciplinary matters or complaints should be directed to the session coach or centre manager.

*** We run 42 weeks through out the year please check the dates carefully they will have been sent when you joined up or in September when the year started. We do not offer refunds for sessions missed. ***

Chloe Carey


Last updated May 2018