Party FAQs


Are there any Harrogate Gymnastics party invitations I can use?

Certainly. You can download our special party invitations here.

What is included in the party food?

Included is a selection of savoury food and sweet treats as well as Juice and water for the children to drink. Examples of the food are sandwiches, sausage rolls, jam bagels, chocolate brownie, marshmallow cakes and pizza slices. The exact food will depend on availability of the food items. If there is anything in particular you would like please do get in touch as we will ask Indulge if it is possible.

What if I have a child with an allergy?

We are committed to the safety of our members and visitors, to events held at Harrogate Gymnastics. Harrogate Gymnastics uses Indulge to provide food at our events such as camps and parties. Harrogate Gymnastics has no control over the food supplied at any of its events. Harrogate Gymnastics liaises with Indulge and passes on any allergy requirements provided to us, however both Harrogate Gymnastics and Indulge are not allergy free zones and therefore cannot guarantee the safety of any food provided or consumed at our events for those with allergies. We suggest gymnasts and party participants with allergies bring a packed lunch or have a carer with them who can check the food is safe for them to consume.

Where should we go when we arrive?

When you arrive please find us on the 1st floor of the building where you will be greeted by our friendly coaching staff.  They will be able to help you with any questions you might have and this is where you should settle any outstanding balance of your bill. We have changing rooms for boys and girls, plus toilets on this level.  When the gym is all set and ready the boys and girls will be invited upstairs into the gym!

Is the table for food decorated?

Indulge provide plates and cups, and plain napkins.  If you would like to bring banners, patterned napkins, balloons or table decorations you are more than welcome to.

Can parents come into the gym?

Parents are welcome to come into the gym and watch, we do ask for all shoes to be left on the shelves at the top of the stairs in the main gym.

Can the children choose things to do during the party?

Of course!  Our trained staff will put together an hour of fun games and activities but if there is something specific you would like included just let us know.

If we need to cancel will we get our money back?

If you cancel your party 4 weeks before the party we wil issue a full refund. You can change the date (dates depending up to two weeks before however we can not issue a refund at that time)

Can we bring a cake?

Of course!  If you have food booked with Indulge you can leave the cake downstairs with them.  Just ask them if you would like the candles lit and brought out to you during food

What should the children wear?

We recommend wearing comfortable sports wear.  No jewellery, no shoes, no socks.  If they have leotards they normally wear for gymnastics this is also fine.

Can we change the package we booked?

Sure, no problem.  Up to 2 weeks before your party you can change to a different package as long as it is available.

If we choose a gold party what is in the party bags?

 As a guide you can expect a Harrogate Gymnastics green party bag drawstring bag for each guest containing, 5 small toys/ stationary and a few sweeties (see picture below for more information)