Our Statement of Purpose

Our Mission Statement

Our goal is to offer gymnastics to all levels and abilities of gymnast. Programs are offered from beginner’s gymnastics through to competitive elite gymnastics in a variety of disciplines.

We are committed to helping every gymnast reach their personal goals and aims within the sport. We hope each gymnast’s life is improved through the challenges and successes they encounter in our programs. At all levels our motto is: “Be the best gymnast you can be”. We believe this not only means being the best at gymnastics you can but also the best person and sports person you can too!

Delivering Our Mission Statement

Harrogate Gymnastics was set up in 2009 to bring the amazing sport of gymnastics to children in North Yorkshire and since day one safety has been and continues to be our primary concern.  This is reflected in our purpose-built facility, equipment, lesson plans, staffing, and through our vision and values which are enshrined in our pillars.

Our Vision and Values

These are the pillars on which the club is built.

Delivering Our Vision and Values: What This Means for Our Gymnasts, Our Staff, and Our Club


We are committed wholeheartedly to being the best that we can be. As a gymnast, a coach, and as a person. Gymnastics is a sport that takes a lot of dedication from the athlete and coach which involves learning discipline, respect, patience, and how to be part of a team. These skills serve people well in all aspects of their life. Gymnastics is a sport which requires dedication to continuously learn new things, for both gymnasts and coaches.


We are determined to achieve our goals. Gymnastics is a tough sport, you start by falling over a lot to learn but the greatest thing is standing back up and trying again then through listening and working on your skills becoming successful at something you started out not being able to do.


We dream big and we have a great desire to achieve our goals, whatever they may be. Our ambitious nature comes from each of us as individuals and is nurtured by the environment that we have created with our vision and values.


We are proactive and we work with our coaches and teammates to solve problems. Creating and controlling situations to proactively find positive solutions rather than just reacting to problems.


We are passionate about the sport of gymnastics and about what our gymnasts and coaches can give to and take away from the sport. Our passion manifests itself in our enthusiasm, our devotion, and our dedication to gymnastics and to being the best that we can be.


Although gymnastics as times can be an individual sport, you learn great teamwork skills. Gymnasts learn to support and encourage each other in sessions and celebrate each other’s achievements knowing what it has taken to get that cartwheel or flick. As coaches we are a group of amazing individuals that work collaboratively and together to achieve the best as both as team as individual.

With Integrity

Everything we do is underpinned with honesty, integrity and the principles of fairness and sportsmanship as well as our vision and values.