Terms and Conditions of Booking (Hire)

When placing a booking or attending a hire at Harrogate Gymnastics the following terms and conditions apply.


i Bookings should be made in advance either via email, over the phone, or in person.

ii Those hiring the facility must have their own insurance.

Vi Members must adhere to the member’s/visitors policies and/or relevant handbook.

v Making a booking with Harrogate Gymnastics is regarded as acceptance of our terms and conditions.

Methods of Payment / Fees

i Harrogate gymnastics accepts payments via cash, card, bank transfer, or direct debit where possible.

ii The amount to be paid by you will be detailed to you at the time of booking.

iii If an account is in arrears then no further bookings can be taken.

Booking Confirmation

i All bookings will be confirmed by email.

ii Please ensure that you give a valid email at the time of booking otherwise Harrogate Gymnastics will not be able to send an invoice/receipt and confirm the booking.

iii Upon receiving an invoice/receipt you must check that the information contained within it is correct. Should any information be incorrect Harrogate Gymnastics must be notified so that any required reasonable changes can be made.

iv Should you not receive an invoice/receipt please contact Harrogate Gymnastics so that one can be sent to you.


i Cancellations must be made in writing one month in advance. (or if longer term hires as per the agreement issued)

ii Payment is required where notice of cancellation did not meet the required period and the required form.

iii Full Payment will still be due if a cancellation is made less than one month in advance.

iv Should a hire need to be cancelled by Harrogate Gymnastics for any reason, a replacement hire will be offered.

v Harrogate Gymnastics is not liable for any costs incurred as a result of a cancellation.

Personal Property

i Harrogate Gymnastics nor any of it’s staff accept liability for the loss or damage of personal/valuable property brought to the venue .

Complaints Procedure

i Our complaints procedure is set out on our website and can be accessed using the following link: https://www.harrogategymnastics.co.uk/grievance-procedure/

ii Complaints, compliments, or suggestions can be made in person or via email or phone call as set out in our Grievance Procedure.


i All reasonable endeavours have been made by Harrogate Gymnastics to avoid injuries being suffered by those attending any classes, camps, parties, or any other activity held at the venue. Due to the nature of some of the activities undertaken by attendees there is an inherent risk of injury for those participating in any classes, camps, parties, or any other activity held at the venue.

ii By making a booking you are confirming that you, the Hirer, take full responsibility for those attending the club with you.

iii Any damage to equipment, the facility or any part of the club that is discovered after your hire will be billed to you as the Hirer. By making the booking you agree to adhere to our terms and conditions and ensure anyone who attends as part of your hire does also.

Chloe Carey,


Last updated February 2019